About Brandon

Hey Everyone! 

If we havent met my name is Brandon Cook, a very common name really so I started going by  The Brandon Lee Cook on social media! Haha

I'm a Photographer, Film maker, Youtuber, Content Creator, Social Media Marketing Guru, Mixed Curly Hair Guru (so i've been called lol), nice guy from Durham, NC. Honestly I really just love creating, creative people and positive energy keep me motivated! I've been doing photography, photo editing and video production since 2008 and have been creating art in general since a baby haha.

I have gained over 58,000 subscribers and gained over 10 million views on YouTube just sharing what I know with others. I have been featured on Tru Tv's show You Can Do Better, collaborated with name brands such as Great Clips, Boohoo Men, Fashion Nova Men, VSCO, Ridge Wallet, Manscaped and several others to name a few (i'll add links for ya soon).

I have a passion for helping people, positivity, and capturing beautiful imagery while making memories and decided I wanted to share that love with others by creating digital downloadable content that people can use in their content creation as well as motivational merch (coming soon im pretty pumped!).

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little about me, please subscribe to my newsletter to find out about upcoming releases and more. Talk soon!